Price Protection

Even Pay Program - If you are looking to spread your winter heating costs over the whole year, then the Even Pay Program is for you. Even Pay spreads your total heating costs into fixed monthly payments throughout the whole year, making it easier for you to budget your money. Customers on the Even Pay Program also received price protection because you are locked into a set price for the whole heating season.

Contracting - If fixed monthly payments are not for you, we also offer contracting where customers can purchase a certain amount of gallons at a locked in price. Please call 800.668.3253 for current contract pricing.

Delivery Options

Auto Fill - Don't want to worry about watching your propane tank during the cold winter months? Then Auto Fill is for you. Our computerized routing system will use your past history to predict future deliveries and we will stop in automatically.

Propane Tanks

Propane vs. Electricity

1 gallon of propane = 91,500 BTU (British Thermal Units)
1 KWH (Kilowatt Hour) = 3413 BTU

Assuming LP is 1.10/gallon and electricity is $0.11/KWH**

91,500 BTU / 3414 BTU = 26.8 KWH (equal to one gallon of LP)

26.8 KWH x $0.11/KWH = $2.95

Compare the cost of 1 gallon of propane and equivalent of electricity:

$2.95 Electricity
$1.10 Propane

**Average retail price of electricity for residential use in the United States in 2010 was 11.6 cents per KWH according to the US Energy Information Administration

For more information on propane, visit our Propane Facts page.

We have propane tanks available to rent or for purchase, in various sizes.

Underground Tanks - Don't like the look of the propane tank in your back yard? Then an underground propane tank is for you. The tank is buried in the ground, and only has a small portion sticking out of the ground in order to be filled. Landscape around that area and it is virtually invisible!

Will Call - Will call is for customers who prefer to call in when they want propane delivered. If you prefer to be on will call, please call on or before the time your tank reaches 25% (as shown by the gauge below) to ensure delivery before your tank runs empty.

For information on the basics of propane visit

Propane - A Green Fuel!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), propane produces considerably less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than more traditional fuels. The comparison amounts of CO2 produced a result of burning one gallon of fuel are as follows:

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22.4 pounds CO2 / Gallon
19.4 pounds CO2 / Gallon
12.8 pounds CO2 / Gallon